25 Crisis!!!


Last night a bear told me I am superstitious!!

As a Californian bear, he might not be inclined to irrational beliefs caused by unexplainable reason.

But here I’m not talking about spilling a grain of salt over your left shoulder or walking under the ladder…

I’m talking about the specific number…25!!

Western belief has shown a huge record in the lucky number “13”
or the devil number “666”,
but at certain amount (and I’m sure there’s heaps load of that), of Thai people believe in the age crisis…the so called word in Thai “Benjapes”

As “Benja” (เบญจ) means 5

And “Pes” (เพส) means 20

Benjapes is, therefore, the “age of 25”, believed to be the time of change when series of things (mostly negative) will occur in your life. Let’s say if someone turns 25 and has to face events of tragedy, got involved in a big accident or a serious illness, or the loss of the loved ones, one might suggest it’s because of the affect of Benjapes…

I’ll be 25 this year…fully in August…

And I believe…my Benjapes has already begun…


It comes in the form of loss…

Yes..I think I’m in 25 crisis…the crisis that disguises itself
in the loss of electronics devices…!!!

It started since the beginning of the year…

1. On my return from Nepal trip…
A camera battery charger got stolen at the airport…all I have left is a brand new Canon camera which cant be operated.

2. Two days later…
A camera box, inside containing set of plug-ins and USB port including
warrantee paper, are mysteriously missing.

3. A week later…
I was confirmed that my old digital camera, a stylishly small Pentax including its battery charger, disappeared from where it was kept. That ended my hope of charging my only camera left with compatible charger.

4. Mid-January…
The USB port used for charging my IPOD has silently gone with the dog…only god knows which! … no more music pleasure to keep me alive in the long endless trips to Kanchanaburi.

5. February…
A set of earphone attached to my Motorola mobile in which I seek music bliss through radio channels decided to join its IPOD USB fellow…easy as that

6. Mid-February…
My USB thumb drive, the one that had been through times of hardship together for years, left in silence without even a whisper of goodbye.

7. March…
It happens again…last weekend at Koh Samed …this time my cell charger hid itself in the dark tent…left me no visibility to take it back with me…creepy!

Maybe it’s the black hole as described in Bermuda myth…maybe it’s my carelessness…maybe they were misplaced or stolen…But I’ve never lost such things in a row like this before…

What if it’s the sign of my Benjapes….what else would be missing?!?

Am I superstitious???


6 ความเห็น to “25 Crisis!!!”

  1. ขอบคุณมั่กๆ ค่ะ..ตอนนี้ไม่มีอะไรหายแล้ว…มีแต่ของทยอยกันพังแทน..กรำ!!!!

  2. โชคดีนะคะน้อง..

  3. Btw, your salsa shoes are behind near the seashells

  4. I think all your electronics don’t like you anymore!

    I’m 25.. since January and I just built a new computer. Maybe all your stuff came to me 😀

  5. i’m 25 now!
    i’m ready for shake my life!



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