Guesthouse hunting – Kao San Road

(Sorry blogger fellows, just wanna use this space for personal use. Hope you dont mind as I cant attached pic to my friends’ email.)

Hey guys,

Here’s the rough map to look for guesthouses aroud Kao san road area.

Like I said, if you prefer a more peaceful area, avoid guesthouses so close to Kao San road itself.
Once you get off the airport bus, walk backward. You’ll pass Kao San road on your right. Walk onward about 100 metre, you’ll find Wat Chana Songkram (the temple) on the left side. Turn left to the small road next to the temple (Soi Rambutri).

There are also a few guesthouses scattered around in soi Rambuttri. Check them out in case anything look nice to you. (They can be up to 500 bht a night tho)
Should you like to find something even more peaceful, try walking a bit (following the route in the map) until you hit the fort by the river (ooups , my fault, it’s actually called “Pom Phra Sumen” (Pra Sumen fort).

Next to the fort, you’ll see a small bridge, cross the bridge and walk straight. There’s a nice and friendly guesthouse (sorry I cant remember the name) by the river. Even if the place is full, you can still walk around and explore a bit as there are a few more guesthouses hidden in the small alleys. Most of them are wooden houses but nice and clean. The prices vary but you can find something as cheap as from 150-300 per night! 🙂

Hope you can find a good place to crash!



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