The Blower´s Daughter

Damien Rice at Four Seasons – The Blower´s Daughter

It is said that he fell in love with his clarinet teacher´s daughter. But he got kicked out by his teacher. He met her outside and sung this song.

She said “Well, it’s very good song” and left.

If this is all true then he must be a genius singing in such spontaneous moment.

Anyway, no matter what the truth is, we just cant deny that this is one of the most beautiful written ever…

And if you just look at how expressive he is when he sings this…oh my!

So emotional…

His voice just makes me cry… and I couldnt stop watching this clip over and over..

Damien…would you marry me?

This is another live acoustic…this version without Lisa Hannigan

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One Comment to “The Blower´s Daughter”

  1. เพ้อถึงขั้นขอแต่งงานเลยเชียวเหรอ เป็นเอามากๆ

    แต่เราก็เป็นนะ ตอนได้ยินเพลงนี้จากฉากเปิดเรื่อง Closer นะ


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