Poscards from Laos and Ni Hao from China :)

Wednesday 15 October 2008




I just wrote a long email but everything was gone becoz of internet time-out… sniff sniff
Anyway here is my quick and brief situation ka.

img_0168Now I’m in Jinghong, southwest of China. As expected, travelling in China is real fun. People are actually really nice and friendly. Communication with broken-mandarin-for-survival puts the spices for it all. Tomorrow we’re heading to Yuanyang rice terrace, a sceneric place quite off the beaten track (18 hours altogether just to get there!!) But It’s supposed to be really nice.

Here I send you some photos from the previous route.

1. First day in Laos, me & my backpack

2. Biking day in Luang Nam Ha, Laos

3. Moo moo hello, Luang Nam Ha – Look how green the rice fiel is!!

4. Morning mist in Nong Kiew, Laos

5. Through the toilet hole on the wall, Meung Ngoi, Laos

6. Dai village in Xiashuangbanna, China (Sibsong panna, Dai people= our Thai kins, they even speak the language which I understand!)

Heading to bed now ka, a long bus ride awaits..arrgh!




3 ความเห็น to “Poscards from Laos and Ni Hao from China :)”

  1. ขอบคุณค่า..รูปของกินคุณ kampooh ก็ใช่ย่อย…ไม่ต้องกล้องตัวใหม่หรอกค่ะ แค่นี้อ่านไปก็น้ำลายไหลติ๊กๆๆๆๆ แล้วว ^^

  2. รูปสวยแจ่มมากค่ะ
    เห็นแล้ว นึกคันมือ อยากได้กล้องตัวใหม่ขึ้นมาตะหงิดๆ

  3. Photos from Pakistan are AWESOME!!!
    One word… “It-chaa-koht-koht”!!
    btw, I transferred cash to your bro laew na kha 🙂
    nearly 100 Euro, it will help you go for a longgggg way in India!
    Thanks (and sorry) for my friend’s behavior again na.


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