Sabaiidii from Laos :)‏


October 12, 2008



Sabaidii everyone 🙂

Sawaddee ka I’m sorry that I didnt write before leaving to bid a proper goodbye. There was so many things to do on the last days and we barely made it for the bus!! How are you guys doin’?

Now I’m in Udomxai, the north of Laos, not so far from Laos-China border. we’ve been travelling for more than a week (was it? I kinda lost count of days actually) We took a bus straight from Bangkok to Chiang Khong, Chiang Rai. Then cross to Laos at huay Xai. After that we pursued the road up north, exploring a few provinces of Laos; Luang Nam Ha, Nong Kiew, Mueng Ngoi, and today Udomxai.

Tomorrow, we’ll go to Boten, crossing the border to China and then maybe to Mengla, a city in the south Yunnan. After that we migh travel around xiasongbanna (Sibsong Panna) and further up north to Dali, Lijiang…etc.

It was pretty nice so far. Laos is very relaxing. People are beautiful and smiling all the time. My laos is getting better and better. Road trips in Laos can be quite tiring but still manageable. Tomorrow my real challenge begins as we’ll get to China and communication would be real fun!! Haha, 2 courses of Mandarin didnt help me at all, how sad! Here in Udomxai, people start speaking in Chinese and stare at us. When we cannot talk back they talk louder, hoping we would understand better!! 🙂

It was only the beginning of the trip but I took like 400 photos already. My kib is running out so I cannot transfer those photos and show you guys just yet. Will try to send some along the way should time and budget permits. (cost of living here is pretty cheap, I’ve spent 3,000 baht so far. The nicest and cheapest place we stayed was at Meung Ngoi, a small village by the Nam Ou river, 80 baht a night!!

I might be able to access to internet again so soon, but will try to keep you posted.’

Nong Num, pls tell mom and dad that I’m fine. Might come to internet again in a week or so or whenever time permits.

Take good care and will write to you soon kaa.

P.S Pls, can anyone tell me what’s going on in Thailand. I saw news on TV in Laos and heard that there were bombs in the protest??

Also, what’s that with Aon’s clip? What was it? Didnt have time to check but it seems very popular, regarding the amount of fwd mails I’ve recieved!!

Sabaiidii kaa




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